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"An unorthodox approach."

He casts a glance at her from where he is sitting and sighs softly, his gaze lingering on her longer than it would on anyone else. He still does not understand why she insists on staying late to do her work with him present. She is quite possibly the brightest student that he has ever had the pleasure to teach, and it is not as if she ever really even asks for help from him. That is unless he brings up the fact that she doesn’t need to stay since she never needs help, then she always seems to need help. He opens his mouth to say something to her, but closes it again before any words slip out. He is not sure what to say in the matter, so instead he turns his gaze back down to what he was reading and tries to get his mind off her, a task that in that moment seems near impossible.


At the sound of her voice he looks up again, expecting for her to still be seated where she was earlier, but instead she is just feet from him, nothing but a simple desk separating them.

“Is there something you don’t understand, Cadet Uhura?” he asks, his full attention on her now. When she doesn’t answer right away, he opens his mouth to start making suggestions as to what the problem may be, but she speaks before he can, and what she says makes his mouth shut again.


“Nyota?” he repeats, frowning ever so slightly before he looks up at her again with a slight sense of curiosity in his gaze.

“My name, Sir, it’s Nyota. You may call me that if you wish,” she replies, her lips pressed together in a rather thin line as she looks ahead, rather than at him, something that makes his brow crease again ever so slightly.

“Nyota...” he finally murmurs again, the name rolling off his tongue in a way that makes his body tingle; a tingle that he can neither explain, nor that is logical. It’s not unpleasant though, and a small smile appears on his face for just a moment, and when he looks back up at her she too is something, something that makes him suspect that she had dropped her gaze and caught his smile as well.

“Is there a problem, Nyota?” he says after another moment, and this time she looks down at him, and he can see that her eyes are sparkling in a way that he has only ever seen human eyes do. In a way that reminds him of how his mothers eyes would sparkle when she gazed upon his father.

“No, there is no problem, Sir,” she replies, and that makes him quirk his brow slightly, after all, if there was no problem, what could she be wanting of him? “I do however have a question, if I may?”

“Of course,” he then says, and he looks at her expectantly, though he’s not quite sure what to expect from her. It takes her another moment though before she does say anything, almost as if she is a bit too intimidated now to ask what she was going to.

“Would you hold it against me if I was to so do something unorthodox, Sir?” she finally asks, and at that both brows raise in slight surprise, that was not what he had been expecting her to ask.

“No, of course not. In fact, I would encourage it from you,” he tells her with a firm nod. Of course, he’s thinking that she is talking about taking an unorthodox approach to her studies, or something of the sort.

Before he can register what’s going on, let alone react to it, her lips are being pressed against his, and the tingling sensation that he felt earlier when saying her name is back and ten times stronger. His mind is telling him to pull away from the kiss, but he doesn’t move a muscle, not even his lips as he feels hers moving against his. Finally she pulls back from the kiss and clears her throat, and though he tries to open his mouth to say something, she seems to have rendered him speechless.

She looks at him for a moment, and though words do not find him, she seems to understand what it is that’s on his mind, and a slight smile appears on her face. She turns and goes back to where she was sitting to gather her things, and then returns to stand in front of his desk again, her eyes on him now, not leaving for a second.

“I’ll see you again tomorrow, Sir?” she asks, and he nods; gulping too, but that seems to help him find his voice again.

“Yes. Yes you will, Nyota,” he says, and she smiles briefly at him before heading towards the door.


She turns and looks at him, her head tilted curiously.

“When we are alone..you may call me Spock. Just, Spock.”
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